NLG Expands!

On behalf of the NLG Board, and on the 2nd birthday of our Adult Program, I am thrilled to announce a major advance in our mission of enabling individuals with autism to achieve their potential. On February 23rd we purchased 170 Lexington Road in Billerica! Click here for the press release.

Our purchase of this building, which houses our Adult Program on the second floor, is exciting on 2 fronts. First, the cost of operating our Adult Program will go down, reflecting the economics of owning versus renting. This will reduce the size of the gap between our costs and government funding, allowing us to grow and enhancing our ability to make up the gap through annual fundraising in the face of continual funding uncertainty.

Second, the space we gain on the first floor will allow us to expand our School program to a second site and increase our overall enrollment! We will renovate this space during the spring and plan to welcome our first new students in the summer. Over the next few years, we will be able to add 40 additional students, in addition to the 90 we now serve. We can help more of those who desperately need us.

In order to facilitate the renovation of the building and fund the working capital costs of expanding our enrollment, NLG is launching a Capital Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise $1,500,000. We have already received a grant from the Yawkey Foundation of$300,000 for capacity expansion and gifts and pledges totaling an additional $150,000. We will work to complete the campaign within 18 months. We would be grateful for your participation and your help engaging your networks in the effort! Specific opportunities are noted on the attachment and we would be pleased to provide you with more information.

This is such an exciting opportunity for NLG to significantly increase our capacity to provide the high quality services those more impaired by autism need to achieve their potential! The growing number of individuals with autism is well documented, as is the lack of availability of the services they need to be productive members of the community. With your help we can take this important step to meet the growing need for services for individuals more impaired by autism. Please join us in our Campaign!


Liz Martineau
CEO, President and Clinical Director

Nashoba Learning Group Capital Campaign
Sponsorship Opportunities

Opportunity LevelNumber
Cornerstone Sponsor $100,0001
Kitchen Sponsor$50,0001
Nurses Clinic Sponsor$50,0001
Vocational Sponsor$25,0001
Classroom Sponsor$25,0008
New Student Sponsor $10,00040
Teacher work area Sponsor $10,00015
NLG Supportervarious

** All sponsors will receive prominent acknowledgement of your donation in all printed and electronic platforms in 2015 – 2016 and on permanent congregate recognition signage in the area funded.