Adult Services Program

Nashoba Learning Group’s innovative Adult Services Program opened in 2013 and currently serves over 50 adults with Austim. Our program provides participants 22 and older with the platform to enjoy a productive and fulfilling life. NLG’s Adult Services Program is a model for addressing a rapidly growing, urgent problem nationally as well as internationally.

The NLG Adult Services Program is a pioneer for other programs for adults with Autism because of its scope, depth of content, and the quality of staff. The Adult Services Program has both Day and Employment Services. Our program combines appropriate work and volunteer opportunities with continued job and life-skills training, community engagement, and a variety of daily activities for its members.

The Adult Services Program is distinguished from other offerings by the quality, training and supervision of program staff, which is the underpinning of NLG’s success. Highly trained and skilled staff are essential to allowing individuals more impaired by Autism to increase their independence and ability to access the community successfully. The program targets continued skills development for participants with the goal of increasing independence and gradually reducing the need for trained supervision over time. Members at the Adult Services Program are staffed 1:1 or in small groups, depending on individual need.

Training and Activities

NLG has developed a slate of activities to enhance the daily lives of our members. The categories of activities available to participants include:

All skills training is conducted using the teaching techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis and supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Nashoba Learning Group offers both a Day Habilitation Program, funded through MassHealth, and a Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) Program, funded through the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. We also offer Individual Supported Employment. Eligible participants receive funding from these agencies.

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