Nashoba Learning Group's success for those we serve is driven by three critical components:

NLG Fun Fact

NLG employs over 30 Board Certified (BCBAs) and 26 Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts (LABAs).


Nashoba Learning Group’s mission is to enable children and adults with Autism to function with the greatest possible productivity and independence in the community, home, and workplace throughout their lives.
NLG has grown so much over the years to serve so many individuals more affected by Autism. I am so proud of our growth, and even more proud that we have continued to adhere to our founding values of compassion, individualization, partnership, and creating the best environment for staff to excel.
Liz Martineau
NLG CEO and President

NLG Fun Fact

In the last calendar year, 99% of our students’ IEP objectives were achieved or in progress.