Nashoba Learning Group and Profound Autism Alliance Partner on First Annual Profound Autism Summit

In an inspired collaboration, Nashoba Learning Group (NLG) and Profound Autism Alliance (PAA) are proud to present the inaugural Profound Autism Summit—a one-day conference uniting leaders in research, medicine, treatment, advocacy, education, and human services to address the unique needs of individuals with Profound Autism across disciplines and throughout the lifespan.

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Liz Martineau, NLG has been a steadfast advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum for two decades. The day school and adult day program at NLG provide services to people on the autism spectrum, most with Profound Autism, who need round-the-clock care throughout their lives.  Profound Autism Alliance was co-founded by Judith and Amy Ursitti, to improve the health and connection for people with Profound Autism through inclusive research and focused advocacy.

The Profound Autism Summit will feature a long list of distinguished speakers, including top physicians, researchers, service providers, caregivers, and advocates, on a wide range of topics.  Speakers and titles can be found at    

The Profound Autism Summit is not merely a conference; it is a collaborative effort to bridge gaps and foster a community dedicated to advancing the well-being of those with Profound Autism. By bringing together professionals from diverse fields, NLG and PAA aim to create a supportive network that advance  cohesive, effective, and compassionate approaches to care, as well as access to this care. 

As we anticipate this landmark event, NLG and PAA invite professionals, caregivers, and advocates to join the conversation that will shape the future of Profound Autism support. Together, we embark on a journey toward improved well-being and positive change for individuals and families affected by Profound Autism.