Meet Jack U.

Article from Autism Speaks

When Jack is out on the course with his cross country coaches and teammates, he’s just one of the guys – navigating the 3.1-mile terrain like he’s been doing most afternoons for the last three years. On this particular day, he had a little extra pep in his step as he briskly made his way through the peaks and valleys of the open-air course behind the local high school. Even though he couldn’t express it with words, Jack knew running with his closest friends from the high school cross country team wasn’t the norm during the late winter months, so he made sure to make the most out of the impromptu workout.

“Look at him out there – he’s such a stud,” said his mom, Judith, proudly looking on as her 16-year-old son practiced a handshake with his friend and team captain, Oliver. “You can see Jack just light up when he’s out here with the team. He has so much energy and having this physical outlet is so important for him being a big, strong guy. He might not be able to express it with words, but you can see how much this means to him.”

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