Budgeting Skills

Budgeting skills are essential to any money management curriculum.  Teaching these skills to students with autism requires a step by step process bringing together a variety of math, money and community skills.  In this write-up, step by step task analyzed teaching procedures are presented to teach students to create and follow an actual budget for the week through the following steps: determining how much money he/she has available; determining his/her planned activities and payments for the week, identifying the approximate cost of each; and, calculating the total cost for the week.  The student learns to subtract the amount needed for the week from the total amount of money he/she can access (money in his/her wallet, a paycheck, balance of a checking account, etc.) to determine if he/she has enough money and what amount of money he/she will have left after the week’s activities. If he/she does not have enough money, he/she adjusts his/her plans to ensure he/she has enough funds.  This write-up includes a detailed budgeting worksheet for use with students, and 3 visuals of learning materials as well as 2 task analyses.