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    Creating Treatment Plans Based on IISCA Results
    This workshop is designed for BCBAs who are responsible for addressing severe problem behavior that interferes with instruction in a school setting. It is a follow up to NLG’s previous virtual workshop on designing and conducting an interview-informed synthesized contingency analysis (IISCA); in particular, it answers the question “now that I’ve conducted an IISCA, what do I do with the results?” This workshop will teach participants the steps for implementing a skill based treatment based on IISCA results (Hanley, Jin, Vanselow, & Hanratty, 2014), including establishing a functional communication response to replace problem behavior, teaching students to accept denial, and increasing student engagement in teacher-led instructional activities. Concepts will be supported by data, case examples, and videos from an ongoing IISCA and skill-based treatment study in which significant reductions in problem behavior were achieved across multiple staff, locations, and areas of instruction.