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    Video-on-Demand: Essential Components Of A High Quality School Program For Children And Teenagers With Autism
    In this presentation, NLG Founder Liz Martineau, BCBA describes the qualities that distinguish a high quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program from other programs. The presentation is designed both for parents selecting an ABA program for their child and professionals seeking to design or evaluate an ABA program. Liz Martineau draws on her experiences as a parent of a child with autism, a trained ABA clinician and BCBA, a former business consultant, and the founder and current President of Nashoba Learning Group, a school for children and young adults with autism. Topics discussed include: detailed description of what ABA really entails, discussion of critical variables that define quality, discussion of the elements of a comprehensive curriculum and effective teaching program customization, discussion of the elements of a comprehensive behavior management plan, description of staff and organization characteristics that lead to success, description of how good programs incorporate parents into the program and many other topics.