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    Video-on-Demand: Sure, Go Ahead And Stim! Bringing High-Frequency Ritualistic Behaviors Under Stimulus Control
    In this presentation, NLG clinicians Liz Martineau, Jessica Slaton and Joshua Dahlin describe a procedure developed at NLG, adapted from Azrin and Nunn, to address previously intractable stereotypic behavior through conceiving of the behavior as a chain that begins with the urge to engage in the behavior. By inserting a new step into the behavior chain immediately following the motivation to engage in stereotypy, the basis for a new chain, one with the stereotypic behavior substantially delayed or eliminated is created. Several cases are presented describing the development and refinement of the procedure and adaptation of the procedure to different topographies of behavior. This presentation is designed for ABA professionals with experience in addressing stereotypic behavior who wish to explore additional procedures.