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Annual Fund Appeal

  • Dates: 01 Nov, 2018 – 01 Jan, 2019

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Nashoba Learning Group is able to provide life changing services to your child IMG_7938because of the generous support we receive from the NLG community.  This support has allowed us to grow from our modest beginnings and serve 170 children and adults.  It has allowed us to realize our mission of providing the high quality customized services that individuals with Autism need to succeed.  School District and Government support helps cover our ongoing costs but does not provide the funds needed to grow or cover some of the critical elements that make NLG the extraordinary program that it is.  Much of NLG’s staff Training and Development is funded through your support. So are the additional resources we expend to provide our students with state of the art behavior support and augmentative communication, as well as appropriate staffing to allow our students to develop their life and job skills in the community.


What does this support mean to your child?  The joy of communication, the pride of being able to participate in meaningful activities, the satisfaction of learning new skills, the warmth of interaction and belonging in our school community.

Join us in supporting us as we work to expand the world for those we serve. We thank you for your commitment to NLG. We hope that you will be able to support us now by giving to our Annual Fund, which provides unrestricted funds to apply to areas in the operating budget that require support throughout the year. These funds are critical to close our funding gap and help us provide the services that allow children and adults with Autism to achieve the daily victories that lead to an independent and successful future.

Thank you for all that you do for Nashoba Learning Group, we can’t do it without you!