Upcoming Events

  • Bikeathon

    Saturday, July 22, 2017

    Nashoba Learning Group’s 16th Annual Bikeathon will be held on Saturday, July 22nd! This is a very important fundraising event for Nashoba Learning Group and always a wonderful time for all who participate.
    We have 2 distance options for the bike ride:
       Option 1 is 50 miles of gently rolling (some would say hilly in parts) road riding. 
       Option 2 is a 25 mile ride that leaves out many of the highest hills.
    Both rides begin registration at 7:30 am and roll out at 8:30. The group has a few serious riders but is mostly composed of semi-fit parents and friends who ride at a more leisurely pace enjoying beautiful scenery and great conversation. 

    Note that there will no longer being a walk-a-thon after the ride. 

    Please consider joining us in NLG’s wonderful bike-a-thon tradition. Meet at 2 Crowell Farm Road in Concord, MA.

    Contact Emily at 781-275-2500 or Emily.wheet@nashobalearninggroup.org for more information. Click here for 2017 Gathering Waiver and 2017 Bicycling Entry Form.